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Training Courses

We offer a complete set of dog training courses covering all aspects of dog (and handler!) training.

After initial assessment handlers will be offered the opportunity to join a small friendly puppy class, an adult class or come in on a one to one basis according to individual requirements. Alternatively dogs can also be left for us to train.

If attending on a one to one basis the centre's assistance dogs may be used to help with socialisation and training. Telephone backup advice is also available.

Methods are kind, highly motivational and will be logically explained and demonstrated with either the owner's dog or our assistance dogs.

All sessions include:

  • Modifying problem behaviours i.e Pulling, mouthing, house training, jumping up, chewing, coming away from distractions etc.
  • Socialization
  • Control work to help achieve a standard that makes the dog/puppy a pleasure to own.





Sam & Bertie Tracking 

Cherry & Beth on our Agility equipment


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